Mission & Vision

It’s more than just a bike ride, it’s a team learning experience!

Our Mission

The Punch Buggy Express introduces a new generation of cyclists to Saskatoon’s rich natural and cultural heritage. We help kids channel their energy, get curious about their surroundings, and test drive sustainable solutions.

Our Vision

We envision Saskatoon as a city where nature experiences are safe, fun, and convenient for people of all backgrounds.

What Riders Gain

Active Transportation

Because sustainable transportation should be for children, too! Providing child-focused sustainable initiatives empowers kids to view themselves as part of the solution. The Punch Buggy Express provides a convenient low-emissions, low-waste method for children and their families to tour the city.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Children work together to power the bus along the South Saskatchewan River. They learn that, even though they are small, their cooperative efforts can help carry a whole group of people to their destination. Many feet make light work so that everyone can experience the joy and freedom of riding the pedal bus.

Joy of Movement

Riding a bike is a positive outlet for children’s energy. Engaging in active transportation partway through the day can serve as a mental reset between activities; it can also improve mood and the ability to focus. The pedal bus gets legs pumping and blood flowing to provide a refreshing boost during full-day outings—which is great for caregivers, too!

Fresh Air Experience

Slow down and discover Saskatoon anew from the pedal bus. Enjoy scenic riverbank views at a leisurely pace, and learn about Saskatoon’s rich natural and cultural heritage along the way. Discover fascinating details about Saskatoon and witness the changing seasons with our engaging Cycle Guide.