The Experience 

What is a pedal bus?

A pedal bus is an elongated quadracycle or side-by-side tandem bike. Cycling is a team effort and the driver looks after steering the pedal bus. In other parts of the world, children’s pedal buses provide popular children’s transportation options. Check out this neat pedal bus to parks setup in the Netherlands! Saskatoon also has an adult Pedal Pub operating downtown we suggest you check out too. 

What route does the Punch Buggy Express take?

During the 2022 season we will be operating two routes on Treaty 6 Territory in Saskatoon: 

    • Round Trip Mini Tour departing northbound from the Wonderhub bus stop (this route may be temporarily impacted by construction work on the Meewasin Trail near Nutrien Wonderhub). 
    • One-way Shuttle and Return Trip rides between the Meewasin Skating Rink and the River Landing Spray Park bus stops (afternoons only). 

Where are the Punch Buggy Express bus stops located?

Our bus stops are marked with a vertical flag along the Meewasin multi-use trail at the following locations: 

  • Wonderhub bus stop – on the riverside of the Wonderhub. 
  • Meewasin Skating Rink bus stop – near the large Memorial Fountain, down the hill from the skating rink building. 
  • River landing bus stop – behind River Landing Snacks
Will the bus wait for us if we are late?

Please try to arrive five minutes before your scheduled departure time. We can accommodate late arrivals for groups who have booked the whole bus, but cannot shorten the experience for the other passengers on public bookings.

Where are the washrooms located?

Public washrooms are located near each of the bus stops. 

  • Wonderhub bus stop – public washrooms are available inside the Nutrien Wonderhub building, at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, and Nutrien Playland at Kinsmen Park. 
  • Meewasin Skating Rink bus stop – public washrooms are available in the building adjacent to the skating chalet. 
  • River Landing bus stop – public washrooms are available inside the Riverlanding Snacks building.
Can I board the Punch Buggy Express from an interpretive stop?

No, passengers may only board the bus from the bus stop they are booked to depart from. This is because we have capacity to complete the check-in process at the bus stops, but not trailside along the way. 

Can children ride the Punch Buggy Express alone?

No, groups of children must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Because the Cycle Guide will only be with the children for a short period of time, they are not in a position to support children who are feeling uncomfortable or need to use the washroom. 

Why are there only two adult seats on the Punch Buggy Express?

The pedal bus is designed to transport groups of children. The adult-to-child ratio is ideally suited for child play dates, birthday party groups, and daycare or school groups on field tripsbasically, anyone looking for a fun, active way to move groups of children. Families with only one or two children can meet us at the bus stop for walk-on rides or book additional seats online for their child’s friends to join in.

Why can’t I sit beside my child?

There is limited adult seating because the Punch Buggy Express is designed primarily for children to pedal the bus. The children get the front row seats and are the VIP guests on the ride. Supervising adults are available for support as needed and to lead the way once we reach our destination.

What sorts of activities pair nicely with a Punch Buggy Express ride?
What if my child forgets to pedal or can’t keep up?

Each set of pedals operates independently to the others so there is no risk of shin-thwacking by fast spinning pedals.

What is the minimum age requirement?

The age range for the child seats are three to 13 years old. In order for a 14 – 18 year old youth to ride, an additional adult seat must be booked.

Why can’t I catch a ride when there are vacant seats on the Punch Buggy Express?

We reach capacity once both adult seats are booked. Depending on the number of child seats booked with each adult, several child seats may be left vacant. Securing your tickets in advance online ensures seats on the pedal bus have your names on them.

What if we are carrying baggage with us?

A small amount of personal baggage that can be carried handsfree is welcome on the pedal bus—think small backpacks, messenger bags and fanny packs. 

Shopping bags and large shoulder bags are not recommended because they can shift the rider’s balance and cramp other riders. Passengers should have their hands free to hold onto the handlebars at all times. 

We do not have capacity to transport picnic baskets, luggage and shopping bags. We will do our best to accommodate special requests for birthday party bookings. This may involve keeping the front bench seats vacant.

What if my child needs additional support?

We recommend seating children in need of additional support either directly in front of the supervising adult, or in the non-pedaling bench at the front of the pedal bus.


Can I purchase my tickets when I arrive?

Yes! Walk-on tickets can be purchased and waiver forms signed onsite. Please consider whether you will be able to secure parent signatures for any additional children joining you. If you have a large group of children, it is most efficient to book ahead to ensure you have reserved the space you need for your group.

Why am I required to book a minimum of three children’s seats online?

Our pedal bus design is ideally suited to play-dates, birthday party groups, and daycare groups looking for fun and convenient children’s transportation along the downtown waterfront. Families with only one or two children are encouraged to consider inviting a friend for your child, leaving child seats empty, or meeting us at the bus stop to buy walk-on tickets.  

Can I book a return ticket for a separate day?

No, the return ticket option is designed to get you back to where you started from with ease on the same day. 

Can I cancel or reschedule my ride?

We realize that plans change, children get sick and parents get called into work. That’s why tickets can be cancelled up to 48 hours before your ride with only a 15% cancellation fee. We cannot provide a refund for no-shows and cancellations within 48 hours of your scheduled departure. 

Can I substitute passenger names on our booking?

Yes, individual riders registered within an online booking can be substituted for free. Please sign an additional waiver form for each new rider added. 

Will I be refunded in rainy conditions?

The pedal bus will proceed to operate as scheduled except in heavy rains, strong winds, hail, thunderstorms and other unforeseen circumstances. Passengers whose rides have been cancelled due to weather cancellation will receive a full refund. As much advance notice will be provided as possible through text or email messages.


Do we need to wear helmets?

No, helmets are optional while riding the Punch Buggy Express and we encourage parents to choose what feels right for them. You are welcome to bring your own helmets or use the sanitized, adjustable helmets provided.

What should we wear to ride the Punch Buggy Express?

Passengers are encouraged to check the weather beforehand and dress accordingly. Please wear secure footwear to prevent shoes from slipping off of feet. Flip-flops, Crocs, and slippers are not recommended. In the event a shoe falls off, we may not be in a safe location where we can pull over to stop and retrieve it. Passengers should also check to see that no clothing, straps or cords are dangling down near the pedals.

Do we need to sign a waiver form in order to be able to ride?

Yes. Our online waiver form is a convenient click-through process available at check-out. Waiver forms can be emailed to parents and guardians of additional children who will be joining you on the pedal bus.

Can I bring a baby in a car seat and secure them on the front bench?

No, the bench is not designed to secure car seats. We may consider transporting an empty car seat if there is space on the bus.

Special Events

Can we rent the pedal bus for special occasions?

Private tours can be booked along the Meewasin riverfront trail, however, these are all guided experiences with our trained cycle guide. The pedal bus is not available to rent for independent use.