Ride safe on the Punch Buggy Express

New to riding a children’s pedal bus? No problem! Our Cycle Guide is ready to support your group. For additional info, read through our safety information below.

Safety Information

The Punch Buggy Express is a highly visible, slow-moving pedal bus equipped with safety features such as side rails and a safety net. It operates exclusively on the Meewasin multi-use trail, away from vehicular traffic. The Meewasin trail is popular with a range of trail enthusiasts. Allow our guide to look after the trail navigation, so you can relax and enjoy the ride. 

Safe Use Guidelines

Helmets are optional while riding the Punch Buggy Express and we encourage parents to choose what feels right for them. You are welcome to bring your own helmets or use the sanitized helmets provided. Please wear secure footwear.  


Riders must stay within their designated spot and keep arms and legs within the pedal bus space while moving.


The Punch Buggy Express follows a set route along the downtown riverfront. The Cycle Guide cannot make stops by request except to respond to the safety needs of the group. 


Seating on the Punch Buggy Express is ideally suited to play-dates, birthday party groups, and daycare groups looking for fun and convenient transportation downtown.


Children who are not yet cycling, or who have a disability or injury are welcome to sit on the non-cycling VIP bench at the front of the bus. 


Children must be accompanied by one adult for groups booking individual seats. Two adults are welcome for groups booking the whole bus. Additional adults travelling to the same destination are invited to cycle, roller blade, walk along this scenic route at a safe distance and meet up with the group at their destination.

Covid Safety
  • We recommend individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms stay home.
  • This is an open air experience which offers plenty of air circulation. 
  • Riders are welcome to wear masks and request the cycle guide wear a mask in support of imunocompromised passengers.