We believe young people are capable of big adventures

What we do

We introduce a new generation of cyclists to Saskatoon’s rich natural and cultural heritage.

We provide exciting outdoor learning experiences on wheels in Treaty 6 Territory, Saskatoon. Cycling on the pedal bus builds confidence in children’s active transportation abilities while the interpretive stops spark children’s curiosity to learn more about their surroundings.

Why We Exist

Because sustainable transportation should be for children, too!

We believe children should see themselves reflected in urban sustainable solutions which are joyful and energizing. That’s why we’ve designed a playful mode of active transportation specifically for children.

Powered by Children, Operated by Wildernook

Wildernook Fresh Air Learning’s experienced team of outdoor educators invites you to take a ride on the Punch Buggy Express.

At Wildernook we’re passionate about providing high-quality outdoor learning experiences to people of all ages. We design, coordinate, and facilitate innovative outdoor education programs that get people hooked on nature. From early learning nature programs to outdoor learning solutions for businesses and organizations, we push the bounds of what’s possible to create an earth-friendly future.